What is Wheeled Migration?

Simply put, it’s what you bring to it. Wanna go ride bikes with casual brilliant people? Pleasure to meet you. We craft dynamic expeditions for people who love change, who seek worldliness, and want to feel things differently. You know who you are.

Need to explain WM? ‘It’s camp. On bikes.’

We reinvent ourselves because bicycle touring is a rich and changing experience. Our tour themes and locations are kept fresh so no two WM rides are ever the same. What’s the recipe? We begin with a narrative (or a secret intention) then design tours to place you deeper in yourself and your surroundings. Of course our first job is to see you safe and happy. After you’re comfortable, we go further.

Be warned: our tours not ‘just like riding a bike.’ Sometimes they’re a rolling conference, sometimes it’s a foodie’s cuisine dream when we cater meals plucked out from under your wheels, fresh off the farm. Sometimes it’s just you, wrapped in self-discovery along mountain pass. It could be a scavenger hunt it could be a private concert. This is your vacation, indulge.

You’re invited to use Wheeled Migration as a platform. Here is a safe space for study, sharing, expression, and stretching what people think is possible on a bike ride. We’ve seen musicians bloom, careers change, portfolios thicken. Your interests, talent, humor, and personality shape these rides.

If you’re interested in bicycle touring or what can be gained by going on expedition, we would like to meet you. Never thought to try a thing like this before? Have a look around, see yourself out there, and let’s go do something you’ll never forget.