There’s been some talk on Facebook about this year’s Spring Sojourn. Many of last years riders have been calling out places to go and now we’ve got a fine ride brewing.

  • We’re headed to the Lost Coast folks. With 3 or 4  days on the bike we’ll be way out there. Meet us in the plaza, pack ride surprises and your favorite lunch, we’ll camp in the woods that night. We don’t know when we’re leaving. Maybe March, maybe May, maybe we’ll go twice. It’s gonna be cheap, it won’t be easy, and you’ll get dirty. But if you’ve never tried something like this, you’ll never forget it.
  • Our intention is to host this ride in the original tradition of Wheeled Migration. Minimal support, full group effort. That’s loading up your bike and heading over the hills for a delicious helping of California. We’ll be carrying everything, sleeping in the woods, and be among people at their best. AND there’s bikes AND food AND an ocean AND.. you’ll be just fine.
  • We’re not putting a cap on this ride. If half the town and their friends show up we’ll have an exodus. But! just like the ’08 and last years Sojourn, everyone gets themselves home. Call your friends, have ’em meet you out there for our parties and vacationing on the Lost Coast. Catch the ride home, you’re set!
  • Watch Facebook for more details and post your ideas and questions on our wall. Tell us what you’re wearing ‘cuz you are beautiful on that bike!